Let’s help you get connected on the Costa!  If you are an English-speaking expat in Spain, you can get so much more out of your life here if you get connected.

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The online world isn’t a substitute or a retreat from the real one, it’s a tool to help you shape and enjoy the life you love.  In many ways the world is smaller now than it has ever been and online tools and social networking can help you keep in touch more easily than ever, whether with your neighbours in the village, or with your friends and family in other countries.  You can find solutions to problems, seek out the most niche and obscure information, and find communities of interest wherever and whoever you are.

Sometimes living in Spain presents challenges of a practical nature, and it’s natural to turn to friends to ask “how do I do this..?”  “Where can I buy that..?”  ‘How do I sort out the other..?”  By connecting online you can broaden your network of contacts, and help find the information you need, quickly and easily.  Using the wisdom of crowds as well as new-found friends, you can make good choices about businesses to trust, restaurants to try, schools in your area or what shops might be open on forthcoming fiesta days…

You might also want to find cheap travel, snap up bargains, and plan journeys for friends visiting you – indeed there are many cheap flights you cannot realistically book without being online.  Perhaps you have a local business or good cause and know that there is more to online marketing than simply ‘getting a website’, you want to be on Facebook and Twitter and making your presence felt.  The opportunities to ‘do it yourself’ have simply never been greater – but the very range of options can be overwhelming at times.

Of course you may have lived many years at home and in the sun without feeling the need to use the internet at all, but if you close yourself off to it all simply because you don’t know where to start, then that’s a great shame.  Let Costa Connected help you find your way through it all – via our articles, Newsletter (sign up for free on the right), or through our individual coaching and support.  We can help you save money, make smart choices, and get what you want out of the social world online!