A common question that comes up on our Costa Connected Facebook group is about growing business fan Pages. You spend ages putting together a beautiful branded Page that really showcases your business or organisation, and you start sharing all this exciting and interesting stuff on it… but hardly anyone likes your Page in the first place, and out of those who do few people are seeing your postings never mind interacting and engaging with them.

Here are a few things to think about to try and boost those Likes and get people on board:

 Is your “About” section complete and clear, giving people relevant information and a call to action, so they know what your Page is for and why they might want to engage with it?

 Have you got some interesting custom apps and tabs going on, that take people a bit deeper into your Page’s purpose and offer different ways to respond and connect with you (such as joining your mailing list or visiting your website)?

 Have you got a stunning and compelling cover photo (that doesn’t violate any of Facebook’s rules for cover pics – think visual and simple, no contact info, in fact minimal text is best)

 Have you populated your Timeline with historical milestones, to create some credible context for your Page – even if you are new to Facebook your business story isn’t new (if it is, you might have to be more creative with your virtual milestones to establish yourself… And remember to hide the giveaway ‘joined Facebook five minutes ago’ milestone!)

Once you’ve got these basics right, then there are other things to think about to get your Page working for you as a successful business and marketing tool.

First of all, remember to keep it social. Yes you created the Page to share and promote about your business, but why would people want that shoved in their face all day? Remember how quickly they can unlike you just as fast. So think laterally about content to share, that will be of interest to the people you want to do business with – if you are a clothing outlet, you could share fashion information or trends, clothing bank appeals, or non-competitive deals or events in the local area. As well as a mix of your own offers of course, but typically think 80:20 in terms of give and take.

Of course it’s still no good sharing that information with 12 fans, so some ways you can boost your Likes are:

Invite your friends on Facebook to like your Page. They like YOU, right? So might well be interested in checking out and supporting your latest project.

Post about your Page in relevant groups on Facebook – in an appropriate way, that is compliant with the rules and norms of that group. So spend some time checking things out first, and again think 80:20 – try engaging and responding to other posts and seeing how you can help other people, before you start blowing your own trumpet, otherwise you are like the brash insurance rep working the room at a party and putting everyone off!

Promote your Page from off Facebook – via your email signature, newsletter and of course your website

Post AS your Page, to other Pages – of brands you admire, companies in your industry, blogs or publications that are relevant, and so on. You can engage with them, make relevant comments or ask questions – it gets your link and profile picture all around Facebook for people to come back and check you out

Join a link exchange group such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/LikeSpainMembers/, where you can post your Page and encourage others to come and look at it and like it, and in return do the same and go and engage with their stuff. Keep it balanced and reciprocal and everybody wins.

Finally, be very wary of companies and gigs offering to sell you fans/likes. Yes, of course you can go to fiverr.com and buy 300 likes on your Page for $5, and of course it’s tempting when you have a brand new virgin Page in desperate need of love. Whilst there is some argument for the benefits of ‘starting the party’, and its harder to make the first move of engaging with an empty Page, it’s definitely better to ask your friends in the local community to kick that off for you. And of course in your content, solicit engagement – ask people questions, run polls, ask people to share if it’s relevant, even ‘like if you agree’, are all ways of provoking comments and conversation.

If you buy likes for a few cents each you can be pretty sure that a lot of them are dummy accounts, and/or kids in the developing world paid even fewer cents, also many are multiple account holders that Facebook are currently actively cracking down on so you could lose your followers anyway. And above all, they will never engage with your Page, never mind buy from your business. Remember that nothing looks weirder or more suspicious than a Page with 6000 likes and zero comments/interactions, and that real organic growth of your Page – whilst slower and harder work – is the only thing that is truly worthwhile in the end.

Join us to discuss it further at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Costaconnected/, see you next week



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