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Jimbo Rocks Out

Jimbo lives on the Costa Blanca, where he came to retire from the music business. But because of the vibrant scene here on the coast and his extensive knowledge of the industry, he’s wound up managing and mentoring a group of hot young talent called BlancaRock.

Jimbo has a Facebook profile, correctly set up using his own real name, and he uses this to manage the band’s Facebook Page – they’ve got a good local fan-base, and have claimed the username BlancaRock. Jimbo is the Page creator but he has added several of the band members as administrators, so they too can post as the Page – updates come from ‘BlancaRock’, about their events and appearances.

Lots of fans have ‘liked’ their Page – but even though they really like the band, due to Facebook’s ever-shifting algorithms less than 5% of the fans actually see updates posted on the Page itself. To work around this Jimbo encourages people to engage with the posts as much as possible by liking, commenting, and most importantly sharing them.  Also if the post is promoting a special event, he might pay a few dollars to boost it in the newsfeeds of people in the right area.

There can only be one official BlancaRock Page, but because of their growing popularity there are now several groups in which the band features heavily – Jimbo is actually a moderator on the ‘BlancaRock Fans and Gigs’ group, although it was set up by a fan and he stepped in later, and he loves to share photos of the band and their gigs, and answer questions from fans from an official point of view.  He avoids the oddballs on the ‘BlancaRock satanic lyrics fans’ group though, because he doesn’t want his personal profile associated with that lot.

Back in the day, Jimbo was one of the ever-shifting line-up in The Bournemouth Blasters, that was what music was really about.  He likes to reminisce about the old days over a few cañas down at the Arenal, and was delighted to recently discover the Facebook group ‘Bournemouth Punk Memories’ where he’s been able to reconnect with some old faces from the scene.  Some of them seemed sceptical that he really was the famous Jimbo Jackman whose group got banned from so many venues in the early 80s, but he has scanned in some photos and memorabilia, and loves catching up with everyone he used to knock around with in grimy pubs.  There isn’t much point setting up an official Blasters Page now as it’s not a going concern, and the best username seems to have been appropriated by a dodgy club in San Francisco anyway – and unbelievably, none of his mates on the Costa seem to have heard of them.

He’s also a member of several local area-based groups where he lives in Spain now, and he uses these to post information about gigs and events where his guys are going to be appearing.  He is careful to check the rules for each group he joins first to see whether that is what it’s for, and also to avoid posting the same event in 9 groups one after the other – because he is well aware that lots of other people are also members of lots of different groups, and don’t want to see their entire newsfeed filled with the same identikit announcement.  Cut ‘n’ paste aint very rock ‘n’ roll.

(‘Jumbo’ Jimbo is also a member of a diet and exercise group for men, but it’s a secret group and none of the members are local – in fact it really wouldn’t suit his image if any of his mates or the music biz knew about that one – but all those San Miguels on the beach have a price)

When the group are playing a gig Jimbo usually creates a Facebook Event for it – not to sell tickets or anything, but just to spread the word, and it makes it sociable when people say they are going and it creates a story in their newsfeeds for their friends to see and so on.  Once he has created the event he invites people to it, and also posts it on the band’s Page, and in local groups.

Jim likes to think of himself as a bit of a local celeb, and because of the work he does promoting the band and helping at various charity events, he gets a lot of Facebook friend requests from people he doesn’t really know.  It created a bit of a dilemma for him, because he knew that Facebook Terms of Service prevented him from having more than one account and profile.

Before getting involved with the band, Jimbo had used Facebook in the normal personal way – with a lot of his friends and family back in the UK, and old mates from the industry scattered worldwide, he found it a brilliant tool for getting back in touch and staying involved in each others’ lives.  He loved to see pictures of his nieces and nephews growing up in England, and of course wind up his relatives with the ubiquitous expat sunset, cocktail and beach photos.

He had no desire to share this with hangers-on and fans – but recognised that the way Facebook works, content shared directly from his profile had greater reach than anything the official Page would ever accomplish.  And of course he had to use his personal Profile to post links into groups anyway.

So, he spent an hour or so organising his existing friends into Lists – finding it easiest to use Facebook’s default lists rather than create his own, he put all his family and closest friends into the ‘Close Friends’ list, and all the venues and groupies into ‘Acquaintances’.  Then when he gets a new friend request, he can immediately triage on acceptance – of course, some people who start off as acquaintances may become friends or even close friends as time goes by, but he knows it’s easy to move people from one list to another.

In this way Jimbo finds it easy to enjoy Facebook on a personal and professional level – using it in total compliance with the platform’s own TOS, his single personal profile is never in danger of deletion or compromise, and he manages the various official properties he is involved with carefully.  Once a band member quit following an incident with a drumstick and a beach umbrella, but because Jimbo had retained administrative control of the band’s Page he was able to remove that person’s authority to post on behalf of the band before they had sobered up and found their phone – although he wouldn’t want his old muckers from the Blasters to know it, Jimbo actually spent several decades working in marketing before retiring to the sunshine, and he knows a thing or two about brand reputation and damage limitation…

Of course besides the music scene, a lot has changed over the years. But living in Spain keeps Jimbo young – he knows there’s nothing he can’t get his head around when it comes to social media, and as well as managing the band’s twitter feed he’s trying to encourage them to blog.

But Jimbo’s nothing special, honestly – he’s just asked questions, took advice, actually READ the Facebook help and TOS (Ok not when he registered, no one does that, but when he needed answers to questions).  All of this anyone can do, and it’s important to get it right.  So if anything still isn’t clear, just ask in the comments, or come and join our friendly and supportive Facebook group

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  • Elle Draper

    Loved this Maya! Good on Jimbo! x

    • Casslar

      We can all embrace our Inner Jimbo and do stuff right :-)