Last week’s article generated a lot of questions when we introduced, the place you can start earning online in multiples of $5.

Firstly just to get it out of the way – yes, I know $5 is not going to change anyone’s life and it may never change yours, however if you can find something that is in demand that you can provide quickly and easily, you can make money doing this.  Some money is better than no money, so you can either sit and whinge about minimum wages, or you can have a go.

Many people think they have no special skills to offer, but have a look at the homepage of where they like to feature really random and quirky stuff, a lot of it in the marketing line.  People who can do impressions, or write a limerick, or get their dog to bark your message, sometimes get selected for front-page coverage!  The more crazy the better.

And think about things you can offer due to your expat life.  We talked about translating documents last week, but what about offering to help someone plan their journey and find the best boutique hotels along your part of the coast, or how about a half hour Skype consultation helping them with specific vocabulary challenges, like filling in a form or making an online purchase?

Your location could offer some inspiration too.  How about writing a personal message in the sand at sunset and sending a photo of it, what a wonderful valentines gift, or even a video of a wave washing it away?  Or their company name or message, picked out in shells or stones?

Video gigs are extremely popular because of You-tube marketing, people want video but are often scared of doing it or being in it.  Lots of gigs do well offering things like video testimonials for your product or business, or a stop-motion animation, or completely random stuff like your message voiced by me in my crazy puppet suit… It’s amazing what could just go viral on Facebook or Youtube, and for a fiverr, why not give it a go?  Have a brainstorm about potential gigs, make a mind-map and get all the ideas down (oh – how about teaching people how to mind-map…)

OK, so you have some ideas of things you want to offer, then how to create a good listing that will stand out?  Well the title is very important, it goes without saying this is your headline and where you will grab attention from your reader in the search results. You can use up to 140 characters, so it’s fine to pack it with relevant and compelling keywords – and the site will append the ending ‘ for $5’.  Here are some of currently listed, to give you some ideas of what catches my eye:

I will scream any name or website over and over again like a delusional psychopath sociopath for 20 seconds for $5

I will belly dance your message in HD video for $5

I will write any message on my hand and send it off in high resolution photo for $5

I will give you 10 minutes of expert career coaching for $5

I will make this awesome lego stop motion video animation with your text and logo for $5

I will create A QR Mobile Resume That Will Land You That Dream Job for $5

I will perform a creative beatbox for you or your friends and upload it to YouTube for $5

I will tweet your products or services to OVER 6,000 followers for $5

You get the idea?

Next write your description, which will be shown to anyone clicking on the header – so make it complementary rather than repeating, and be very clear about exactly what you are supplying for their fiver, including any exclusions or restrictions, everything they could possibly need to know about your gig before they buy

You also create tags, and these are important for search- think about someone looking for your service, what would you put into google to find it? These are the keywords that should be in your title, description and tags.

Optionally you can enhance your listing with images (up to 3) and video – and you should definitely consider this to increase your exposure, especially in crowded categories.  Research your competition, see what they are doing, and think about how you are going to stand out, especially when you are starting out cold with no feedback – how can you make your listing more enticing and attractive to potential purchasers?

Once you start to get feedback, things get more interesting, because you can create extras within your gig – these are basically upsells, where you can potentially enhance the offer and earn more each time.  This isn’t available until you have at least 10 sales on your account with good feedback, but after that it can certainly get more lucrative, even though your initial offer must be for $5 each time.  Think creatively about extras, one way could be simply offering the same service faster, say within 12 hours, meaning you could get extra income without doing extra work.  Again research the competition and see what is working, what´s getting ordered from other people, then make your offer distinctive and unique.

So, what will YOU do for a fiverrrrr?  Drop me a line, @casslar, and let me know!

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