Many people find it easier, cheaper and greener to send seasonal greetings electronically these days, and there are a range of sites that make it very easy to do so.  For very little cost you can make something creative and beautiful that also reflects your personal style and includes your unique message.

One of the big players on the online greetings scene is Jacquie Lawson, a viral success story that started with a single design which was shared around the world overnight a few years ago.  She has since expanded to employ a team of talented designers, animators and musicians, and now offers a wide range of year-round greetings card options.  The business model is very simple, with an annual subscription allowing you to send unlimited numbers of cards, for €8.50.  You can also purchase a couple of different designs of advent calendar including one for the ipad, for less than €3 – good sugar-free options!

The cards are complex and attractive and run well on most platforms, not static pictures but little animations and movies complete with music and full personalisation, very easy to use and whilst they do have a ‘house style’ that may or may not be to your taste there is definitely a good range to choose from.  You can also create reminders for birthdays so you don’t forget anyone, or link to your Facebook birthday calendar very quickly and easily, which is a nice touch.

Another option for online greetings isBlueMountain, which has a very diverse range of greetings products you can buy and send online.  Despite being American they know that ‘The Holidays’ is really called ‘Christmas’, and their range includes seasonal email stationery which you can use to create your own greetings or send a round-robin letter.  You can join them on a monthly basis, if you don’t want to commit to an annual subscription straightaway or really envisage that you’d only use it in December – $3.99 is less than €3 so well worth a go.  They also link to your Facebook reminders for year round use and annual subscriptions are better value, if you feel like upgrading later.

This is one of ours from last year!

They offer a few unique touches such as software to download and print your online card creations – great if you make something special and want to both send electronically to family overseas and distribute or post to friends who aren’t online.  You can also add gifts such as Amazon vouchers to your card.

Of course if you want something truly unique why not just use your computer to create something completely personal… any imaging software that you have will probably include templates for making cards, or you can create your own collage using your photos in a way that is limited only by your imagination.

Think about incorporating touches like bilingual greetings for your international friends, images that reflect where you live or something special about your life, and of course pictures that make your message special.  It’s also very easy to do this to represent your business or service offer, and send it to your mailing list or promote a seasonal message of goodwill via social networks.

If you know what you want but aren’t sure how to realise it, costaconnected can help, and for €25 combine up to 3 of your photos with your own words and some seasonal backgrounds, ready for you to send out as email attachments, upload to your blog, or share on Facebook – just drop us a line via a comment below (your email address will not be published but we’ll record it) and we will contact you to sort it out fast.


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