Last week I introduced you to the Kindle Fire HD and helped you navigate through some of the more commonly used apps and settings. Now you have your Kindle up, running and connected to the internet I am sure you want to explore all the different things you can buy for and from your Kindle.

On the top left of your home screen you will see the word shops, clicking this takes you a page where you can choose to shop directly from your Amazon shop or you can look through the digital shop, this is where you will find the digital uploads for your kindle, such as apps, games, books and magazines.

Buying items here is easy, you just click the item you want to purchase and buy it as if you were purchasing from the ordinary Amazon shop, you can choose to have your items sent to your cloud or your device. At this point I tend to send directly to my device but if you have more than one Kindle attached to your account then to your cloud is a better option as it can be uploaded to any or all of the Kindles from there.

kindle fire

If you choose to my device the download will begin automatically, once downloaded the item then has to install and then it will prompt you to open it. Simple.

Getting an item from your cloud can be done in a few ways but I find the easiest route going to settings and clicking the sync button. When it has finished go back to the main menu and click the items option at the top of the screen, eg apps, games, etc whichever you have sent to the cloud. It wjll take you to a new page, with cloud/device/shop in the top right hand corner. Choose device and look for your item amongst the ones it displays, then click on it until an arrow appears. Click device again and it should pop up at the top of that menu also and start downloading.

You can use this method on reverse (untick the box in cloud) to remove thongs from your device that you don’t want to delete permanently.

Considering I initially wanted my Kindle as an e-reader I find it faintly amusing I only have 3 books on there, the current theme being the books were sent to me free of charge.

Since buying my Kindle, FREE has been the watchword I make all my purchases by. Unfortunately there a very few free books, there are plenty of cheap books and there is a ‘Kindle lending library’ but the free offers are sparse.

Free games and apps however are there in abundance as long as you know where to look. There are many ways to get the freebies.

If you go into your app store, there is a daily free app, sometimes these are good, sometimes they are rubbish, but if you check daily then you will build up a lot very quickly.

You can search the Amazon website using the words free apps or free games, this brings up a lot of free games but doesn’t change very often. The free daily app is better.

You can search within your app screen for a specific type of app, this always brings up free apps along with paid ones and you can see by the recommendation stars which ones are the better ones to buy.

The final option is to use the amazon coins your Kindle came with, purchasing mine and the children’s Kindles gave us 400 coins per Kindle. 400 coins being equivalent to £4.00. Unfortunately when I tried to use mine for a book it wouldn’t allow it, only apps and games. Things may have changed since then.

Some of the free apps are free because they are very basic versions of the paid app, which is handy as you can see what the paid app will be like before you make a purchase. Some of the apps and games are free because they rely on in app purchases to proceed. This is something you can block using the main settings if you don’t want your child to make such purchases.

Luckily, some apps are free just because they are, and you can access everything you need to, and they are likely to remain free – like Facebook and My Fitness Pal.

Once you have your app, game, book etc downloaded to your Kindle you can access it on the home screen, which you can get to at any time by touching the little house icon.

On the top of that home screen is the carousel, where all the recently opened items appear, for easy access. You can delete thongs from this carousel by simply holding a finger on them until it shadows over and a tick appears. Choose delete and you can remove it from the carousel only, the device or your cloud, which will remove it from all three.

There are two more things you might find useful.

Within the keypad screen there is a microphone symbol on the bottom row, clicking that will enable you to dictate instead of type, just click done when you are finished talking.

Finally, to take a screen shot, simply press in the volume key and start key together and hold them.

And that’s it. Go forth and Kindle!


Guest Author: Connie Cook


Costa Connected, for Costa Blanca News, May 8th 2015

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