Beyond the basic calling features, Skype offers so many advantages for business users, especially if you are self-employed or starting up something locally and want to work smart, rather than over-investing in your telecommunications at the outset.  Whatever work you do, you need to Get Skype for your Business – and get the power of Skype working for you…

Do you need to collaborate with colleagues at a distance?  If you are both logged in to Skype you can instant-message all day, leaving it logged in in the background whilst you both get on with other work.  Share a file quickly and securely via the file transfer button, or if someone is having a problem you can show rather than tell – just click ‘share screen’ during a video call, so you can train or present in real time.

Got a few colleagues or associates and need to share Skype resources?  You can set up a business control panel to do just that, allocating Skype online numbers and calling credit central through a single dashboard and seeing a clear overview of exactly how the account is being used.

For incoming call handling, there is a comprehensively-specified call centre . switchboard you can use, PrettyMay, which enables you to route calls however you like, totally within the software – for customer service press 1, for accounts press 2 etc, and then route the call to whichever desktop or mobile can best handle it at that moment.  It’s a powerful add-on which offers multilingual voice prompts, call logging, queuing, group forwarding and more – you can even design the logic in a visual flowchart(for technical queries, first try Fred’s extension, failing that ring Sue, Dave and Jane simultaneously 4 times, if still unanswered route to Customer Service desk) and so on. You can trial it free, then purchase for a competitive one-off fee if it suits you.

Want to use Skype for training and coaching?  It can be useful to share your screens or a whiteboard and Idroo makes that easy – it’s free to use, can add as many participants to the meeting as you like, and gives you a permanent record of your conversation, as well as any scribbles and doodles!  Or you can share your desktop with SkyRemote – this is also great for training, and collaborative development.  SkyRemote is free, but there are other paid sharing apps with more bells and whistles such as easier sharing between windows and macs.

Start with your online number. Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number  for your business, then you will be able to add all the additional services you want and get the most leverage from this powerful business tool

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