Don’t panic!  Christmas might be almost upon us, but there is still time to spread some festive cheer this year, thanks to the internet.

Why not show your love with an Amazon voucher?  Or select an eBook your recipient will love – Amazon will email them a link they can download straight away so they will have your gift in good time.  Even if you choose them something to have delivered, they will get the notification straight away and have the parcel to look forward to after the day itself, not the end of the world at all.

If your friend has an iphone or ipad, you could also get them a voucher so they can treat themselves to some music or other media, or you can gift them a specific item or app.  For example get a foodie friend a wonderful cookbook with full colour photos and instructions.  Or perhaps you have a pregnant friend, delightful app ‘The Story of You’ will help them create a shareable online baby book with a difference, to commemorate their new arrival in style.

Maybe your friend is more concerned with producing successful business outcomes in 2012, in which case Omnifocus could be their friend – for either ipad or iphone, or a desktop mac – all three integrate nicely, allowing you to synch your goals, actions and priorities across every platform in your life – but will set you back considerably for the lot.

Your friend might have different goals for the year ahead of course, and there are a range of apps that turn their phone into a pedometer, a gym log, calorie counter or run tracker.  In most cases there is a free version of the app, but obviously that’s a bit of a rubbish pressie, so search the app store for some paid ones – such as My Fitness Instructor, produced by British Military Fitness.  Excellent for anyone so demotivated about exercise that they need to simulate being yelled at by a cyber sergeant major for best results.

Of course the app stores at IOS and for any platform – RIM, Android, you name it – all offer a wide selection of games and enjoyable timewasters to every taste.  Whilst Grand Theft Auto might not be suitable for the whole family, to judge by ‘most downloaded’ statistics the catapulting of Angry Birds around the place is regarded as wholesome fun by most people, so there’s a good place to start, or old family favourites like chess and scrabble abound – free and paid versions exist, and the paid ones are generally different only in being ad-free

Whatever you give and receive this Christmas, best wishes for a peaceful and happy one.

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